How to keep your house plants healthy and why should you do it?

If you have house plants, then you should know that these are delicate things and should occasionally be cleaned. Just like everything else inside your house, it accumulates dust. Therefore, you should try to set aside some spare time cleaning your plants. Doing so keeps your plants healthy, and it refreshes your house with a clean look as well. However, if you do not know how to do so, then read the following article that will help guide you through how to do this.

Why do you have to clean the plants?

Cleaning plants might seem absurd; however, there are a few crucial reasons as to why you should do so. Some of the primary reasons are listed below:

• Health of the people living around these plants
As all of us already know, plants produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide that surrounds them, and the quality of oxygen that we breathe into our bodies, affects our mood positively. However, these effects change drastically if plants remain dirty for a long time. Therefore, cleaning your plants once in a while can help your home to get maximum benefits from your house plants.

• The appearance of the plants
The primary reason why we spend so much of our valuable time cleaning and dusting our home is that we want the presentation to be perfect. However, what most of us forgets is that plants play a very crucial role. If these stay unclean, the overall appearance might not seem to be perfect.

• Resistance from pests
Pests find it very easy to spread on infected plants and harbour their diseases. Therefore, if you do not want your family members to suffer, you should clean these plants to rid of any pests.

Methods to clean your plants

Indoor shower to date is the best way by far to clean plants. All you need to do is give your plants a gentle wash while watering them. It will move all the dust from plants making it look gorgeous. You can even use luke warm water. This will evenly clean the dust.

Just like human beings, plants vary by a great deal. Certain plants are highly sensitive to overwatering and shower. Thus, misting allows doing all of this without overdoing anything.

Brush the leaves
The most popular method to clean the leaves is by using art brushes. Dip the brush in some water and gently brush the leaves. This will provide a good coat of water on the leaves to revitalize the plant, and another way is to use a damp cloth and gently stroke the leaves. Doing this regularly will keep your home plants in a much better condition ensuring your home is clean and your plant survives longer.

Outdoor shower
Another way to maintain the cleanliness of plants is to take them outside and spray it with a house or let mother nature do all the work for you. Just keep your home plants on a rainy day and allow the rain to wash away all the dust that makes your plants unhealthy.

Use external products
You can use several external products as well to keep your plants healthy. For instance, you can find several leaf shine products that will help to keep your house plants healthy.
So by following this guide you will notice not only will your plants be looking healthier by you will notice the difference in the air you breathe at home as well as these plants will look after you too by efficiently converting the carbon dioxide we breathe out to fresh oxygen.